B2B Marketing for Epic Growth

Punch far above your weight class.

Our services give you marketing strategies, templates and techniques that work, proven in more than 100 launches of new companies, products and services.

We provide both consultation and incredibly efficient execution. We are your extended team and your marketing force multiplier.

Marketing strategy for extreme growth

Ready to grow?

Award-winning marketing strategy and execution for epic growth.

• High-impact B2B go-to-market programs for more than 100 companies, products, services and line extensions

• Billions of dollars in new sales pipeline generated for companies around the world.

• Marketing programs executed with nine members of the Fortune 100 and leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, GE, AT&T, Comcast, Cisco, Avaya, Amdocs, Ciena and others.


Who do we work with?

Technology and technology-enabled companies are our specialty.

• Anyone launching anything new: products, services, companies, market expansions.

• Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public companies

• Software, SaaS, cybersecurity, enterprise technology, industry and manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality, mobile tech, cybersecurity, fintech, sales automation, publishing, entertainment and other fields.

What will you get?

Marketing guidance and strategies that work. Execution support to complement your own efforts.

• Techniques and strategies we have executed in marketing programs with nine members of the Fortune 100 and leaders including Microsoft, Oracle, GE, AT&T, Comcast, Cisco, Avaya, Amdocs, Ciena and others.

• Winning marketing programs tailored to your company, budget and market: launch execution, lead generation, competitive marketing strategy, Google Search ranking boosts, market disruption, new market creation, thought leadership. 


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Game-Changer Launches & Marketing Strategy

Execute best-in-class, disruptive launches for

  • New companies, start-ups & spin-offs
  • New products
  • New SaaS offerings
  • New services
  • New brands
  • New target segments
  • New solution packages
  • New go-to-market strategies
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Extreme Growth Hacking

  • Win with proven business-to-business marketing strategy that generates extreme growth
  • New product consulting that takes you from Idea-to-Demand™
  • Secure high-throughput pipeline deals with customer journey marketing
  • Adopt proven pipeline-building techniques for products, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud, services
  • Hack sales growth with digital marketing, sales enablement, brand storytelling, ad strategies, account-based marketing, content marketing, social media marketing
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Killer Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing that enable small companies to market like the big dogs
  • Execute inbound marketing for high-efficiency demand generation for your product and SaaS offerings
  • Shorten sales cycles with customer journey marketing for every buy phase
  • Surround your prospect with your message at every learning opportunity
  • Winning marketing strategy for high-efficiency sales engagement
  • Raise your search rankings
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Publish high-cadence blogs, social, e-marketing, trend advisors
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Punch far above your weight class:
Marketing Strategy that works

Prime Product Consulting brings decades of B2B marketing strategy success to enable your company to exceed your wildest growth dreams.

Are you the CEO?

Our services maximize the impact of your marketing investment and provide winning marketing strategy to boost your capital raising efforts.

Are you the head of marketing?

We are a force-multiplier. You will do far more with far less.

Are you the head of sales?

Our best-in-class pipeline-building strategies generate deals that close.

Are you a product manager?

Launch your products, SaaS and services with game-changing impact.

Are you an investor or board member?

Our services are proven to create value in portfolio companies by maximizing the impact of marketing spend to generate demand and thought leadership, positioning ventures for on-time and on-target exits in line with your investment thesis.

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