Prime Product Consulting Named Leading B2B Marketing Strategist

Originally published in Corporate Vision Magazine

Triggering A Growth Surge With Better Marketing

Prime Product Consulting’s strong network of independent marketing professionals empowers B2B tech companies to exceed their own growth expectations.

Recently named Corporate Vision’s Leading Specialist in B2B Marketing Strategies 2019 – USA in the Corporate Excellence Awards, the firm is constantly changing the game for its clients with its unique model of marketing consulting services. Prime Product Consulting CEO Adam Boone reveals the inner-workings of his award-winning company.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Prime Product Consulting has provided marketing strategy, consulting, go-to market planning and execution services to start-up, pre-growth and other early stage companies.

Prime Product’s model is based on bringing in independent contractor consultants with deep experience in every facet of marketing. The team members have developed and driven successful marketing campaigns with market leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Avaya, GE, AT&T and many others.

This means Prime Product’s clients gain access to proven strategies and guidance used by market leaders without having to pay for expensive marketing firm overhead. Prime Product’s services are highly effective and accessible for smaller companies and start-ups looking to trigger growth surges.

“Essentially, we are basically the Uber or Airbnb of small company marketing,” Boone said. “We quickly bring in ultra-experienced marketers who can rapidly solve your specific marketing challenges when you need the help. However, you are not stuck paying for big overhead or a package of services you don’t really need. Instead you can think of it as high-powered marketing-on-demand.”

Prime Product offers a vast range of marketing strategy and execution services that enable small companies to launch with a bang, to create huge mindshare, and to generate major market demand.

“While many of our clients are in the technology space and business-to-business markets, we also work with retail, direct-to-consumer and services companies,” Boone said.

“We specialize in small-company marketing with expertise in goto-market strategies for start-ups, early stage and pre-growth companies. Our services fall into four primary service areas: Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Marketing Campaign Development, and Launch Strategies.”

A central part of the Prime Product model is to enable clients to take advantage of modern digital marketing practices. The firm has created an array of marketing strategy templates that capture industry best practices in areas such as product launches, go-to-market strategies, Freemium strategies, Search Engine Optimization, use case development, marketing plan templates and many others.

A talented, dedicated and innovative team of independent consultants forms the backbone of Prime Product. Boone is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the firm’s overall success.

“All the associates of Prime Product are independent contractors, each with at least 10 years of experience in marketing strategy and execution for small companies and start-ups. That means we deliver successful, proven marketing programs on rightsized budgets.

“All the Prime Product consultants have played central roles in launching and marketing startups in a wide range of industries. We know what works and we know how to maximize the impact of your investment.”

Looking ahead, Boone and the team at Prime Product have identified certain marketing challenges and trends that are important for small companies to stay on top of.

“A primary objective for many start-ups is establishing ‘Thought Leadership.’ This is where early-stage companies are driving innovation and disrupting markets as ‘thought leaders’ who are shaping the trends and direction of whole industries.

“We have created a practical framework for such strategies, based on successful innovation launches and market disruption projects we have been part of.

“Another essential challenge is about focus and picking the right marketing strategy. One of the hardest things about marketing is choosing a strategy and sticking to it. Early-stage companies in particular can get easily distracted by new customer needs that pop up as you engage with them. However, it is critically important for small companies to maintain focus and implement a consistent strategy.

“You should certainly experiment as you go and be able to pivot when something takes off. But you will never identify the thing that touches off your growth surge if you can’t maintain focus on a consistent core strategic path.

“Since our inception, we have helped countless small companies to refine and clarify their strategies, and employ techniques such as targeted messaging, framing, customer journey analysis and persona analysis. These are all part of effective strategic focus.”

Boone offered up these elements as parts of a successful formula for market disruption and rapid growth. Or, as he described it, “We enable our clients to punch far above their weight classes.”

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